How To Clear A Washer Drain Pipe

How To Clear A Washer Drain Pipe

If you have a washer that won’t spin or draining is getting stalled, there is a good chance that the drain pipe is clogged. Clear the drain pipe by following these simple steps:

Washing Machine Water Drain Clogged

Why is it important to clear your washer drain pipe?

If your washer drains slowly or if water starts coming out of the drain pipe quickly after you’ve run a load of laundry, you may need to clear the drain pipe.

There are a few reasons why you might need to clear the drain pipe. If the obstruction is big enough, it can slow down the washer’s spin cycle, which can lead to mildew buildup and a sour odor. If the obstruction is small, it can cause water to back up and flood the house.

There are a few ways to clear a washer drain pipe. If the obstruction is small, you can use a plunger. If the obstruction is big, you can use a pipe cleaner and a bucket.

What are some signs that your washer drain pipe needs to be cleared?

One of the first signs that your washer drain pipe may need to be cleared is if water keeps pooling around the machine or if the machine is taking a long time to fill with water. If the machine is leaking water and there is a visible water leak, it is also recommended that the drain pipe be cleared.

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How can you clear your washer drain pipe on your own?

One of the most common repairs homeowners make is clearing a washer drain pipe. The washer drain pipe is a small, horizontal pipe that runs under the washing machine and connects to the sewer. When the washer is filling with water, the water pressure forces the wastewater down the drain. Over time, build-up of dirty water and detergent can obstruct the pipe, preventing wastewater from flowing properly. Clearing the washer drain pipe can help to restore drainage and improve the performance of your washing machine.

To clear the washer drain pipe on your own, you will need the following supplies:

-A plunger
-A bucket
-A pipe cleaner
-A bucket of hot water

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1.Remove the washer from the washing machine.
2.Remove the cover from the washer drain.
3.Locate the plunger head on the plunger. It will have a round, U-shaped head.
4.Insert the plunger head into the washer drain.
5.Push and pull the plunger until the pipe cleaner is fully inserted into the drain.
6.Pour a bucket of hot water over the plunger and washer.
7.Hold the washer against the plunger and wait until the water flow is stopped.
8.Remove the washer drain pipe from the plunger.
9.Replace the washer cover and wash machine.

Once you have cleared

When should you call a professional to clear your washer drain pipe?

A professional should be called when there is water backing up from the washer drain pipe, when there is an excessive amount of noise coming from the washer, or when the drain pipe is blocked.

How can you prevent your washer drain pipe from getting clogged?

If you have a conventional washer and spin dryer with a drain pipe, the drain pipe is usually located near the front or back of the washer. The drain pipe is connected to a sewer system. When your washer cycles, water discharged from the spin cycle flow through the drain pipe and into the sewer system. The water carries away dirty clothes and other debris.

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If dirty clothes and other debris build up in the drain pipe, it can cause the drain pipe to become clogged. This can lead to a full washer drain and eventual sewer backup. To prevent this from happening, you can clean the drain pipe regularly. You can also use a washer drain cleaner to clear the pipe of debris.


If your washer is not draining, there may be something blocking the pipe. Follow these steps to clear the drain pipe: 1. Turn off the water and remove the plug from the washer’s drain hose. 2. Clear the obstruction with a plunger. If the obstruction is large, use a bucket. 3. Reconnect the drain hose and turn on the water.

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