How To Clear A Drain Vent Pipe

How To Clear A Drain Vent Pipe

A clogged drain vent pipe can cause a lot of damage in a hurry. Follow these simple steps to clear a drain vent pipe quickly and easily:

How to Clear a Clogged Plumbing Vent | This Old House

Remove any debris from around the pipe.

  1. If the pipe is accessible, carefully clear away any debris around the pipe using a stick or your fingers. This can include leaves, twigs, rocks, and other pieces of debris.

    2. If the pipe is not accessible, you will need to contact a professional to clear it. They will use a special tool or techniques to remove the debris.

Clear any clogs in the pipe.

Step 1: If possible, try to clear any clogs in the pipe before you start using the plunger. If you can’t access the clog, use the plunger to try to break it up.

Step 2: If the clog is still stubborn, you’ll need to use the plunger. Push and pull the plunger until the obstruction is cleared.

Step 3: If the obstruction is still present, use the garden hose to clear the clog. Aim the hose at the pipe, turn on the water, and wait a few seconds for the water to flow through the pipe.

Vent the pipe to release any trapped air.

  1. Clear any debris from the vent pipe using a broom or a vacuum cleaner.

    2. Open the vent so that the suction from your vacuum cleaner can clear the pipe.

    3. Use a plunger to suck the air out of the pipe.

    4. Close the vent and wait a few minutes for the air to escape.

    5. If the vent is blocked, you may need to call a professional to clear the obstruction.

Flush the pipe with water.

Often, a clogged drain can be cleared by flushing the pipe with water. Fill the sink or a bucket with cold water and turn on the faucet to full blast. Quickly pour the water down the drain, flushing the pipe as you go. If the clog is minor, the water will clear the drain without having to remove the drain plug. If the clog is more serious, you will likely have to remove the drain plug.

Repeat as necessary.

Step One: Find the Drain

The first step is to find the drain. This can be done by looking for a pipe that leads outside of the home or office. Once you find the drain, it is time to clear it.

Step Two: Clear the Drain

The clear the drain process is simple. All you need to do is unplug the drain and pour a bucket of water down the drain until the water reaches the sewage line. Once the water reaches the sewage line, use a plunger to clear the sewage from the drain.


If you have a drain pipe that is clogged and won’t drain, clearing it may be the solution. Follow these steps: 1. Turn off the main water supply to the property.

2. Clear the area around the drain pipe using a shovel or rake.

3. Clear the drain pipe of any obstructions by using a plunger or snake.

4. Turn on the main water supply to the property.

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